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Quality Management Aid (QM.AID)


How to reduce the vulnerability of your electric devices using risky elements, such as Li-Ion Batteries and guarantee the good quality of hazardous devices under production?


Establishing more efficient and partly (or fully) digitalized and automated quality procedures is essential in today’s rapidly evolving production world. That is where Antra ID GmbH’s QM.AID (Quality Management Aid) comes into play. We assure you a patent pending, unique solution, harnessing state-of-the-art technologies like neural network, data science, attention computing… to enhance your competitive advantage. QM.AID is a scalable, modular system, all is completely designed for your needs. We are practical-oriented and bring all value-added technologies and procedures to your shop-floor level.

What functions do we offer you to enhance the efficiency of your human based quality control procedures?


The QM.AID real time functions support the operator to manage their tasks more efficiently. First, by applying a neural network based pre-selection process, an automated analysis of computer vision is implemented. This can be followed by several attention tracking or attention navigation functions by analysing the operators’ gaze data. Needless to say, compliance with the GDRP regulation is an important part of the system.

We provide also all its collected digital gaze data and analytics which can be the basis of further process developments.

Which major modules do support you to achieve your goals?


  • Neural-network based computer vision, where our models analyse and then decide / suggest a quality decision based on the findings of the image processing algorithms supported by ASUS IoT AISVision.
  • A sensor-based attention computing device, which delivers real-time data streams including gaze point, eye position, pupil diameter, user presence and head pose. It is used to secure the quality of the human observation of the whole product or its sensitive parts.
  • Special additional services like synthetic image generation or statistical analysis of behaviour.
  • Special additional data entry solutions made by hands, eyes, voice …

What are the results?


By applying QM.AID we provide a digital quality certificate / badge, which holds all important information of the examination of the product, enabling a traceable, digitalized and transparent process.

These technologies can be used independently or logically connected to each other. With QM.AID besides getting a special CX (Customer Experience) you can achieve a reasonable ROI (Return on Investment):

  • Efficient Quality Control process
  • End-to-end Quality Control process protocol
  • Possible introduction of an automated Quality Control


Improved Efficiency and Quality Control = Lower Costs and Waste = ROI

Step into the digitalised future with QM.AID, where processes, quality and returns are taken to the next level!

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